Winning first customer is tough

You are launching a unique Tech solution and looking to access the most attractive markets? It is not “sales”! Many Tech Startups struggle to identify, attract, train and retain qualified Business Developers. In addition, a “sales” approach can backfire if you are starting to sell while a client is still in “education” mode.

Get from cold start to qualified leads

B2B European Tech Startups work with us to accelerate initial commercial traction. We drive outbound market prospection, so you can focus internal resources to close on qualified leads. We combine Senior experienced sales management with trained Technology Master level talents from Top European Universities.

Focused on European markets & Technology

Aerospace, Energy, Automotive, Shipping, Logistics, general industrial, Pharmaceuticals & specialty Chemicals, Telecom & Networks

Robotics & Automation, Drones, Data analytics, sensors, IoT, Edge Computing, 3d printing, B2B software, Cleantech, Last Mile, Marketplaces

For Blockchain, Crypto, Biotech or Medtech, we suggest you seek other partners

Accelerate your commercial prospection

Some benefits you can expect:

  • Proven commercial prospection methods for innovation
  • Combined Tech background & network to deliver early results
  • Real-time CRM access for transparent leads development
  • Regular market feedback for further product iterations
  • Easy access with monthly fixed-price package