Lead Generation from First Contact to Qualification

Our Clients work with us to rapidly get in front of relevant decision makers who truly need their solution.

They start new pilot projects, build recurring revenues or enter new markets. They like our robust, disciplined and systematic Sales process.

They shorten their sales cycle and increase conversion to achieve incremental sales.

Some of our clients

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Accelerated outbound sales


We confirm a match with our Business Development Associate
Day 0


We review features, value proposition and agree key sales goals
Day 5


We generate and validate our initial target prospect list
Day 10


We start personalised outreach to selected prospects


We provide you with promising qualified leads.
Day 20

Our packages


Access launch customers, pilots and deliver first revenues

  • Business Development Associate

    Dedicated part-time junior Sales Engineer

  • Client Relationship Manager

    Your go-to Senior Consultant to facilitate a successful collaboration

  • Solution Onboarding session

    90-min kick-off to get grounded on your solution, prioritise target markets and define SMART goals

  • Craft your Sales Story

    Capture which problems do you really solve, what do you offer and how is this different

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

    The ICP covers priority use cases, applications, target markets and decision maker profiles (persona)

  • Hubspot CRM access - SINGLE

    One assigned user can review in real-time deals, status, priorities and related calls, notes and emails

  • Dedicated Slack Channel - TEAM

    Private real-time communication between Sparksense & Client team to coordinate successful execution

  • Bi-weekly Deaflow review

    Interactive 30-minute session to cover ongoing Deals, new opportunities, share insights and agree on next steps

  • Transfer CRM contacts - QUALIFIED

    Excel transfer of Deal contact details for all Qualified leads


Grow customer base, build recurring revenues, gain market insights

  • All in Starter Package
  • Use your brand for outreach

    Seamless prospection under your Brand across all outreach channels call, emails

  • Reporting & Analytics - PREBUILT

    Access real-time Hubspot standard dashboard metrics

  • Transfer CRM contacts - HANDOFF

    Excel transfer of all Deal contacts details upon end of services

  • Quarterly Deep-Dive Session

    Review key Lessons learned to speed up prospection, optimize your business development results


Tackle global markets, new applications with in-depth analytics and insights

  • All in Growth Package
  • Hubspot CRM access - TEAM

    Review, release and manage deals across multiple users

  • Reporting & Analytics - CUSTOM

    Access real-time Hubspot standard and custom dashboard metrics

  • Transfer CRM contacts - ALL DEALS

    Direct transfer of all Deals contacts on continuous basis (API)

  • Call recordings & transcripts

    Capture searchable insights from key sales engagement calls across prospects

  • Account Based Marketing

    Clearly defined Buying roles (Decision Maker, Budget Holder, and Blocker) for priority target Accounts