You worked hard, just completed the initial substantial financing for your startup and have the financial resources to take your solution to market.

 You now need to plan and execute your short-term product features to attract early users, fuel initial sales and build references for other customers. At the same time, your roadmap should enable you to address larger markets in the mid-term, while managing overall business risk.

This webinar will provide hands-on, practical insights and tools towards a successful Product development:

  • Reviewing critical steps from Idea through maintenance and upgrade
  • Managing Prototyping vs. Production
  • Protect your Know-How and Intellectual Property
  • Smart risk management approach or “selling risk” to a partner

We will talk with Diego Casadei, Head of Space R&D at Cosylab. He will draw from his broad experience in space instrumentation, including two cosmic-ray detectors, one operated on board the NASA shuttle Discovery in 1998 and one installed on the International Space Station in 2011, and two X-ray imaging spectrometers for space, one on board of the ESA Solar Orbiter and one currently in development. In addition to project management and system engineering activities, his technical contributions range from detector R&D to the design of trigger and data acquisition systems, from instrument characterization to space qualification, from simulations to performance studies.

We will also draw from our broad Entrepreneurship experience to provide exciting insights and practical examples. You will have the opportunity of a live chat to ask relevant questions.

Register below for this Webinar on April 10th 2019 6:00pm to 7:00pm CET!

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