Access launch customers, pilots and deliver first revenues

  • Business Development Associate

    Dedicated part-time junior Sales Engineer

  • Client Relationship Manager

    Your go-to Senior Consultant to facilitate a successful collaboration

  • Solution Onboarding session

    90-min kick-off to get grounded on your solution, prioritise target markets and define SMART goals

  • Craft your Sales Story

    Capture which problems do you really solve, what do you offer and how is this different

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

    The ICP covers priority use cases, applications, target markets and decision maker profiles (persona)

  • Hubspot CRM access - SINGLE

    One assigned user can review in real-time deals, status, priorities and related calls, notes and emails

  • Dedicated Slack Channel - TEAM

    Private real-time communication between Sparksense & Client team to coordinate successful execution

  • Bi-weekly Deaflow review

    Interactive 30-minute session to cover ongoing Deals, new opportunities, share insights and agree on next steps

  • Transfer CRM contacts - QUALIFIED

    Excel transfer of Deal contact details for all Qualified leads


Grow customer base, build recurring revenues, gain market insights

  • All in Starter Package
  • Use your brand for outreach

    Seamless prospection under your Brand across all outreach channels call, emails

  • Reporting & Analytics - PREBUILT

    Access real-time Hubspot standard dashboard metrics

  • Transfer CRM contacts - HANDOFF

    Excel transfer of all Deal contacts details upon end of services

  • Quarterly Deep-Dive Session

    Review key Lessons learned to speed up prospection, optimize your business development results


Tackle global markets, new applications with in-depth analytics and insights

  • All in Growth Package
  • Hubspot CRM access - TEAM

    Review, release and manage deals across multiple users

  • Reporting & Analytics - CUSTOM

    Access real-time Hubspot standard and custom dashboard metrics

  • Transfer CRM contacts - ALL DEALS

    Direct transfer of all Deals contacts on continuous basis (API)

  • Call recordings & transcripts

    Capture searchable insights from key sales engagement calls across prospects

  • Account Based Marketing

    Clearly defined Buying roles (Decision Maker, Budget Holder, and Blocker) for priority target Accounts