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Turning strong global interest from Drone OEM’s into high-value custom solution engineering and recurring software licensing revenues.


Together with the experienced Founders, we worked through core product features, value-add and licensing terms. Leveraging a strong know-how, we challenged strategic investor terms into OEM commercial contracts and potential technology partnerships. We articulated the overall customer journey and related revenue model to carve out critical business capabilities. UAVenture built a strong global market presence, working with leading Drone OEM’s across the world such as Wingcopter, Jetoptera, ALTI and more.

Candid commercial approach from day one

The successful commercial traction resulted from the Founders strong customer focus, relentless execution and clear unique Value Proposition. Implementing Value-based pricing tailored around critical capabilities for a complete hybrid VTOL autopilot solution. Not hesitating to say no to protect Entrepreneurs’ interests and maximise shareholder value.

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