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Daphne Technology SA


To access early stage Lead equity investors with strong background and value-added network in the shipping industry.


Together with the experienced Founder & CEO, we launched a targeted fundraising. Leveraging a strong IP, we articulated initial customer interest into relevant commercial contracts and potential technology partnerships. We clarified the recurring revenue model into a data-driven financial plan. Daphne achieved a Series A closing of CHF 4.9Mio Equity funding with Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Innovation Fund and industry focused Angel investors in December 2018 – details here.

Hands-on execution approach from day one

The successful fundraising resulted from the Founder strong customer focus, relentless execution and clear unique Value Proposition. Tailored around a small group of selected investors aligned to the Venture key drivers: Hardware Tech, Shipping industry and Oil & Gas sector. Not hesitating to say no to protect Entrepreneurs’ interests and maximise shareholder value.

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