Boost market traction for your favorite Tech Startup

Join our Free 90-day Sales Challenge. Applications are now open til August 14th. Drive the market outreach of selected Tech Startups with us and build your track-record.

Our Sales Challenge 2021

Scout solutions

Find and profile startups that will shape tomorrow's markets

Work with Entrepreneurs

Help founders by providing them qualified market contacts

Boost your Sales

Execute market prospection towards qualified leads

What our Sales Challenge 2020 participants say

Who is this Challenge for?

Anyone with the right focus, energy, drive and relevant education can apply. Early stage Tech Startups in Biotech Software, Robotics, Automation, IoT, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Software and Environmental Tech.

What does the candidate get?

As Junior Business Development Trainee, you get hands-on experience, have free access to mentoring, on-the-job Sales training and a chance to get a part-time job with Sparksense.

What's in it for the Startup?

90-Day Business Development services completely free of cost, social media coverage on your commercial progress.  A unique chance to network with top tech startups and global Talents.

How does this work?

Each candidate and Startup apply. After short listing, we match selected Startups and candidates to work together for market outreach.

Is this free of charge?

Absolutely! The prospection work you contribute is payment enough. We advise to avoid paying for programs that promise you a job into Startups.

90-day challenge

Starting Sept 15th until Dec 15th 2021, weekly updates, shadow team calls. Candidates are expected to commit min. 20-25 hours per month.

Bringing diversity to Tech Startups

Surface market-focused solutions beyond the beaten path

Too often, Startups follow a predetermined route from University Spin-offs, to Angel & VC financing, to Startup events. Our goal is to offer a market-focused alternate path for tomorrow Technology Solutions.

Increase diversity of Sales Talents to join Tech Startups
Frequently, Startups and Entrepreneurs are looking for people with similar skillset and connections; we welcome people without access to those network and resources with open hands.

The best way to gain Tech Startup Sales experience