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Three ways large tech conferences could be a gamechanger for your startup

    … And how to make the most of them!
    October is upon us and with the end of the year approaching quickly, as a startup founder now is the time to kick your goals! Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean the good vibes are; in the next few months some of the largest startup and tech conferences will take place including SaaStock in Dublin, Unleash in Amsterdam, Web Summit in Lisbon, Slush in Helsinki, MWC in Barcelona; the list is endless!

    Which events are right for startups?

      We are always amazed at how much time Entrepreneurs waste attending the wrong events. Are you also tired of not getting what you expect from events?

      Pricing for Value… not Price

        You have spend nights, tears and money to develop a fantastic new Product. You are excited, now getting ready to launch it to the market, but there is a big unknown: PRICE! 

        Smart fundraising for Tech Startups

          Hands-on, practical insights and tools towards a successful Fundraising: Do I really need 3rd party money? Which Investors are most likely to be a good fit for me? Getting a first Term Sheet?