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Browse through many exciting company profiles for your business, refine your preferences by Tech field or industry. Our pool of Industry Leaders is constantly growing, so make sure to stay up to date!

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To make the process as smooth as possible, you can easily apply for a lunch by providing your LinkedIn or Crunchbase Company profile. Make sure it’s up-to-date to maximise your chances! ​

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Enjoy an informal lunch meeting with an Decision Maker from the Organisation you selected. Whether alone or with a few other Tech providers, it’s a unique opportunity to get an authentic insight into specific Use cases for your Technology.

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What Entrepreneurs say

"Prospecting, investigating which solution fits which customer is quite time consuming. In a Startup we are tight on resources."
Gianluca Cesari
Co-founder & Business Development Manager, Sevensense AG
"Having somebody in the front for the Business Development with a technical background is required. Interested customers ask detailed questions"
Sven Koehler
Co-founder & CEO, Anerdgy AG
"You need people able to do Business Development for Technology-based Startups... they are really hard to find"
Steven De Laet
Co-founder & CEO, Inopsys NV

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Tech Lunch?

For a successful Technology development it is important to solve real-life significant business problems. TechLunch enables you to authentically meet an decision maker of a potential customer – while having lunch.

How can I participate at Tech Lunch?

To participate you have to create an account on Tech Lunch and link it to your LinkedIn startup profile. You should also do some research about what kind of technology solutions the company is looking for. This increases your chances of success. Afterwards you can send a lunch request with an employee from a relevant field of the company of your choice.

Is it a formal purchasing meeting?

No, it is not. Techlunch is about having an informal exchange between you and a decision maker. It’s your chance to get to know more about the business challenges and priorities of the company authentically before you apply considering further action.

Who bears the cost?

As applicable, the company is going to pay for your lunch. You have to cover the travel expenses by yourself.

With whom will I have lunch?

It will either be just you or a little group of talents with your lunch-buddy from the Technology field of the company of your choice. The exact number of participants will be indicated on the company’s profile.

What happens after I’ve sent a Lunch request to a company?

The company will be able to look at your LinkedIn startup profile. If your technology solution is relevant to the company and enough lunch places are available, you will be invited for lunch. If a lunch invitation is not possible, you will be informed as well.

How can I get prepared for the Tech Lunch?

Be curious. Don’t ask what a simple online search can answer. Use the opportunity to learn more about the company, priorities and the problems they are facing. Prepare a few questions that matter to you. You could ask about their biggest current challenge, their opinion on technology trends in the industry, what they are looking for in a Startup and how a collaboration could look like. This is not a formal purchasing meeting, but a unique opportunity for you to get to know a company and its challenges authentically.

Where does lunch take place?

Most companies are offering Tech Lunch in a virtual format. As possible, the lunch can also take place at the employee’s location. This gives you the chance to get an insight into day-to-day business environment.  You will receive the details to join the video call a few days ahead of the lunch.

When does lunch take place?

You can choose a lunch day as soon as your request has been confirmed by the company. You will see the availability of the relevant employees and can choose a suitable date for this 1-hr session. As soon as you have registered for a certain day, the lunch is binding. Respect their time and be punctual. “No-shows” are unacceptable.

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