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Investment Teaser Startup guide for Venture Capital

    How to put together a great Investment presentation for your Startup!

    We receive many investment requests. Some from B2B Technology Startups, others for Impact investing. Some with great businesses to share while others underestimating the trap of Seed or Series A financing.

    Indeed, Fundraising can be a substantial distraction from getting your business off the ground. Check out also experience from a Business Angel.

    Hence, we put together this Investment Teaser Startup Guide to increase your Equity Fundraising success.

    Why spend time on your Teaser?

    Your “Teaser” is the first document to share with an Investor. Hence, it should be concise and cover key business aspects. It can be packaged in a traditional PowerPoint, a 2-pager or sometimes a Video.

    A Teaser is a great way for a new business to have its stuff together, paraphrasing Marc Andreessen in his Essay – It’s time to Build.

    It includes market, products, value proposition, business model and funding needs. This forces your team to put down on paper its Venture snapshot.

    Wait ! Can you be a Customer-funded business?

    First, remember that most companies created each year do NOT get any Venture Capital funding. Second, John Mullins customer-funding strategy can be extremely successful for many Ventures. Are you one of these?

    Else, download your copy of our Investment Teaser Startup guide below.

    Investment Teaser startup guide

    The Power of your Investment Teaser

    Dig deeper ? some great perspectives and insights

    We have seen a lot of guidance produced on Fundraising for Startups. From our experience, we recommend the following reads:

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