Entrepreneur-driven growth advisory

We are growth Entrepreneur and have won that First customer. Closed a few million EUR rounds. Built teams and operations from scratch. But also lived through tough times and faced the wall. Stood up again. We are your growth partner to help execute your dreams.

I met Herve at a critical stage in my startup journey. Thanks to his hands-on experience, he helped me focus on the what really matters. We worked through key technology agreements with a leading French logistics group, revised our pricing model and go-to-market.

He introduced me to my First customer and relevant investors. This led to my successful next step into a rapidly growing new e-logistics venture.


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Sammy Elkhaldi Co-founder

Sparksense helped us define and execute our commercial strategy and connected us with new customers for our Machine Learning technology. Together, we met several large customers across the DACH region and executed our Proof of Concept across 3 different verticals.

Our unique automated survey coding tool was very well received. We decided to launch it as Software as service platform codit.co

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Pascal de Buren Co-founder

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