What our clients say about Sparksense

B2B Startup sales story with Libattion

Stefan Bahamonde, CEO & Co-Founder, Libattion

B2B Startup sales story with Tesseract

Florian Dordain, CEO & Co-Founder, Tesseract Solutions

Sales story Eldico Scientific testimonial

Eric Hovestreydt, CEO & Co-founder Eldico Scientific

Klajd Lika, CEO & Founder at Bota Systems

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Gianluca Cesari, Co-founder & Business Development Manager, Sevensense AG

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Steven De Laet, Co-founder & CEO, Inopsys NV

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Sven Koehler, co-founder & CEO, Anerdgy AG

” Capitalizing on a unique Technology developed at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), we established a hands-on working relationship with Sparksense.  Drawing on solid know-how, we simplified the business model, developed technology partnerships, commercial contractual terms and associated revenue model. We challenged strategic financing options between traditional Venture Capital and project-level industrial collaboration.

Ajay Patil, PSI Founder Fellow

” We are a strong Software Engineering company providing unique value to a rapidly evolving drone industry. With Sparksense we designed a better lead acquisition funnel, improved OEM commercial conditions, accelerated talent hiring. We also worked through Software License Agreement, partnership and Equity transaction terms. Our solutions are implemented by Drone OEMs globally and we are now set to accelerate growth.

Simon Wilks, Andreas Antener, founders, UAVenture AG

” I worked with Sparksense at a critical stage in my startup journey. Thanks to his hands-on experience, we focused on what really matters. We worked through key technology agreements with a leading French logistics group, revised our pricing model and go-to-market. He introduced me to my First customer, relevant investors, into successful next steps with a rapidly growing new e-logistics venture.

Sammy Elkhaldi, Co-founder, 123bain