Market OEM drone solutions



Turning strong global interest from Drone OEM’s into high-value custom solution engineering and recurring software licensing revenues.


Together with the experienced Founders, we worked through core product features, value-add and licensing terms. Leveraging a strong know-how, we challenged strategic investor terms into OEM commercial contracts and potential technology partnerships. We articulated the overall customer journey and related revenue model to carve out critical business capabilities. UAVenture built a strong global market presence, working with leading Drone OEM’s across the world such as Wingcopter, Jetoptera, ALTI and more.

Candid commercial approach from day one

The successful commercial traction resulted from the Founders strong customer focus, relentless execution and clear unique Value Proposition. Implementing Value-based pricing tailored around critical capabilities for a complete hybrid VTOL autopilot solution. Not hesitating to say no to protect Entrepreneurs’ interests and maximise shareholder value.

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Run growth & scale-up Masterclass

Kickstart Accelerator


To accelerate the commercial development of a diverse group of early stage ventures within the Digital Switzerland Kickstart Accelerator program 2018.


Together with the Kickstart Team, we ran a focused Master Class learning workshop format. We provided each Entrepreneur with real-life practical commercial experience for growth and scale-up. Each Entrepreneur was able to articulate the learnings in small groups.

Action oriented approach

This action oriented workshop was made possible through the combination of experience driven insights and highly participative session with the pre-selected Entrepreneurs. The commercial tools and examples used were tailored specifically for B2B Tech ventures.

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Launch a digital retail marketplace


To validate the opportunity for launching a new Drop shipping marketplace.


We established regular one-one coaching sessions with the Entrepreneur to work through key technology agreements with a leading French logistics group, revised the pricing model and go-to-market. Together with the Founder, we met first customers and relevant investors. This led to the successful next step into a rapidly growing new e-logistics venture


We kicked-off this project at a critical stage in the Entrepreneur’s journey. Benefiting from real-life hands-on experience, we focused on what really matters. But we also realised a candid assessment of the Venture market opportunities and challenges.

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Commercial deep-dive workshop

Climate KIC Switzerland


To accelerate the commercial development of a diverse group of early stage B2B Cleantech ventures within the Accelerator program.


Together with the Climate KIC team, we designed and implemented a blended learning (online + offline) workshop format. We provided each Entrepreneur with practical commercial tools from market mapping to value-based pricing. These were then selectively put in practice to advance sales for their Startup. Each Venture made tangible progress on their path to product-market validation.

Action oriented approach

This impact-driven workshop was made possible through the combination of experience driven insights, highly participative sessions and hands-on involvement from selected Entrepreneur. The commercial tools and examples used were tailored specifically for B2B Tech ventures.

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Execute SaaS product-market pilots



To define and execute a new product launch for a Machine Learning software solution in a crowded marketplace.


The founders were able to connect rapidly with large new prospective customers to accelerate their product-market fit. Together, we met several large customers across the DACH region and executed our Proof of Concept across 3 different verticals. The resulting unique automated survey-coding tool was very well received. The Software as service platform Caplena was launched.

Market-centered approach from the get go

The successful product launch is the result of a relentless customer-focus and rapid product features demonstration. Iterating on a Lean product demo tool, the Founders were able to validate the most promising product features in a resource efficient and quick way.

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Close Smart Series A for cleaner shipping

Daphne Technology SA


To access early stage Lead equity investors with strong background and value-added network in the shipping industry.


Together with the experienced Founder & CEO, we launched a targeted fundraising. Leveraging a strong IP, we articulated initial customer interest into relevant commercial contracts and potential technology partnerships. We clarified the recurring revenue model into a data-driven financial plan. Daphne achieved a Series A closing of CHF 4.9Mio Equity funding with Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Innovation Fund and industry focused Angel investors in December 2018 – details here.

Hands-on execution approach from day one

The successful fundraising resulted from the Founder strong customer focus, relentless execution and clear unique Value Proposition. Tailored around a small group of selected investors aligned to the Venture key drivers: Hardware Tech, Shipping industry and Oil & Gas sector. Not hesitating to say no to protect Entrepreneurs’ interests and maximise shareholder value.

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