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How to sell Smart Sensor Tech for Industrial Automation

    Winning first customer is tough! You are launching a unique Smart Sensor Technology solution for Industrial automation, Collaborative or Mobile Robots?

    The Robotic markets see the rapid emergence of advanced technologies for Sense of Touch, autonomous navigation, simplified programming, material handling automation, enhanced safety and more.

    This session is for Entrepreneurs involved in Machine Vision, Ultrasound, laser, sound or camera-based sensors, autonomous motion-learning, robot programming, force sensing or Advanced drive & control hardware.

    We tackle questions such as:

    • Should you sell a Component or a Product?
    • Where are you in the food chain between OEMs, Integrators and End Users?
    • How to best organise your sales organisation for growth?
    • Differences in tackling international markets from USA, Europe or Asia?
    • Ways to capturing value through Value-added benefits and pricing

    We talk with Tomi Väänänen, an experienced international sales manager. He brings hands-on knowledge and years of experience leading sales development incl. for smart sensor technology and industrial automation. Tomi draws from his real-life experience managing sales across industries in Europe, India and China.