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The New Work order, on-demand skills for Startups

    Hiring talents for Startups and SME’s can be a challenge! You are launching a unique solution and looking to access the most relevant talents?

    We address questions like:

    • What kind of staffing for which stage of business development?
    • How to best balance flexibility, value for money and access to specialized skills?
    • What are different models to work with external service providers?
    • How to ensure you get the most value working with an external partner?
    • Which particular roles can be staffed internally vs. externally?

    We are discussing during this talk with:

    Thomas von Tschammer, Director of Operations at Neural Concept, a company he joined two years ago. He graduated from EPFL with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. During his master, he had a successful experience as vice-president of the Junior Entreprise EPFL, awarded European Junior Entreprise of the year 2018.

    Pierfederico Ferrante , Vice-President of the Junior Entreprise EPFL. Amongst other things he worked on more than 25 projects as of today and collaborated with 5 different Start-ups and 2 EPFL laboratories which benefited greatly from the skills of EPFL students. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at EPFL.