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Win the Race for Drug Discovery Technology

    The primary goal of drug discovery is to find new  molecules/candidates for medicines. Traditionally it takes screening of large libraries of molecules to find that one molecule that might have the potentiality to be a drug and treat a disease. This whole process is equally time and resource consuming.

    A new generation of AI based technologies is changing the whole drug discovery process by rendering the hunt for new pharmaceutical ingredients faster, cheaper, and more effective against diseases. $13.8 billion was invested in this Space in 2020, more than 4.5 times that invested in 2019. But fewer than 1,000 A.I. startups received funding compared with more than 4,000 in 2017, which was the high-water mark for the number of A.I. startups. The market race is on to execute on this promise.

    This Podcast is for Entrepreneurs involved in AI based drug discovery and pharma companies to discuss hands-on tools and practical insights how to bring their solution to market.

    We address questions like:
    * How can AI be used in drug discovery?
    * Which players you should address across the Drug Discovery market ?
    * How we can bring a specific drug discovery tech/tool to the market?
    * How to partner with industry and academia to accelerate your business?
    * Focusing your technology around real-life customer problems
    * How is regulation influencing the market readiness of specific solutions
    * Future of AI in drug discovery from lab to the market.

    We discuss with Arpita Roychoudhury, Business Development Associate at Sparksense. Biophysicist by training, working at the cusp of industry and academia. She is passionate about cutting edge structural, analytical and  statistical methods in Biotechnology and communicating complex science  in a simplified manner. Has a PhD in structural biology and nanotechnology.