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Deliver Sales Traction for Early Stage Tech Funding

    Getting early stage Tech financing  is tough!
    You are launching a unique Technology solution in Robotics & Automation and seeking to raise initial Capital from Investors? This post is for Early Stage Entrepreneurs involved in Machine Vision, Ultrasound, laser, sound or camera-based sensors, autonomous motion-learning, robot programming, force sensing or Advanced drive & control hardware.

    Based on real Venture cases, what you will learn:

    • Engage with Customers to accelerate your Product Readiness
    • Which inbound & outbound actions to drive Market access
    • How Technology can boost your competitive advantage
    • Deliver proven Sales predictability and reduce Technology risk
    • Organize your sales team & roles for growth Tackle international markets from USA, Europe or Asia

    We talk with Frank Demmler, dubbed “[Pittsburgh’s] startup whisperer” by Inc. Magazine. Actively engaged in Pittsburgh’s technology-based entrepreneurial community for decades with Carnegie Mellon University to create, strengthen, and grow the entrepreneurial culture. He shares his experience drawn from over 400 first-time funding of companies.