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Win customers in Data Analytics & ML Software

    Winning first customer is tough! You are launching a unique Data Analytics Software or SaaS solution and looking to access the most attractive markets?

    We have noticed in many cases that AI companies simply don’t have the same economic construction as software businesses. At times, they can even look more like traditional services companies.

    Andreessen Horowitz, February 2020

    Questions we address during this 45-min session include:

    • When is the right time to launch Sales outreach vs. Product Development?
    • What it takes to access and monetize data across various applications?
    • How to structure your product and pricing to drive scalable growth ?
    • Can I adapt my geographical footprint to specific market response?
    • What to expect from Social Media or Press Relations?

    We talk with Ignacio Barrios Baños , CEO & Co-founder at Kido Dynamics, how to generate deep knowledge about the mobility behavior of millions of people through machine learning technologies. Ignacio draws from his real-life experience from early startup days to now managing customers across 10 countries.

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