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Win customers… in Robotics & Automation

    Winning first customer is tough! We review here practical insights, methods and tools for Startups to execute Business Development for Robotic, Software Analytics or Industrial Automation solutions.

    This session provides hands-on guidance on how to execute an efficient outbound business development process to capitalize on growing Automation markets.

    “Social-distancing directives, (…) could prompt more industries to accelerate their use of automation. And long-simmering worries about job losses or a broad unease about having machines control vital aspects of daily life could dissipate as society sees the benefits of restructuring workplaces in ways that minimize close human contact..

    New York Times, April 2020

    For Business Development in Industrial Automation, we tackle:

    • How should I organize and prioritize my customer outreach?
    • How to tune your message to OEM Manufacturers, System integrators and End users?`
    • Is it best to go wide and shallow or focused and deep?
    • Can I adapt my outreach depending on product complexity and sales cycle?
    • How do I get in touch with the right decision maker?
    • What does it really mean to qualify a lead?

    We talk with Luca Rabezzana, Business Development Associate at Sparksense. He draws from his real-life experience working with start-ups and shares his passion for Machine vision, robotics and markets.

    We discuss tried and tested, street-smart approach to Boost customer acquisition for your B2B Tech Startup.

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