3 scaleup paths to grow your startup

“What got you Here, may not get you there” After numerous pivots, sleepless nights and uncertainty, you’ve survived the chaos and crushing ambiguity of start-up life and managed to develop a unique tech idea or already patented an offering for customer. You are bootstraping your venture through project consulting while further developing your new product before […]

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Three ways large tech conferences could be a gamechanger for your startup

… And how to make the most of them!
October is upon us and with the end of the year approaching quickly, as a startup founder now is the time to kick your goals! Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean the good vibes are; in the next few months some of the largest startup and tech conferences will take place including SaaStock in Dublin, Unleash in Amsterdam, Web Summit in Lisbon, Slush in Helsinki, MWC in Barcelona; the list is endless!

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Fake it before you make it !

We enjoy working with diverse Entrepreneurs and Ventures, also on supporting them on their path to Market Launch. Before moving too quickly towards Product & solution development, we recommend each Entrepreneur to focus: “Make sure you are building the right it, before you build it right!” They are a lot of excitement around Minimum Viable Product, Product-Market-Fit […]

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Making a great first impression

We receive many investment requests from Technology Startups, Impact investing to even ICO’s. Some have great businesses to share; others underestimate the fundraising trap.

Fundraising can become a substantial distraction from getting your business off the ground with real customers.

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